Women and wellness during the pandemic – Dennis Begos shares guidelines

Dennis Begos

Dennis Begos says since 2020 the world has witnessed a drastic change in the way people lead their life! The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has been a rude shock for everyone. No one thought that a virus could result in massive deaths and an economic downswing. Some people haven’t ventured out of their house for more than a year now. Similarly, some people have lost their jobs and have witnessed salary cuts. All these outcomes lead to stress and anxiety.

Wellness guidelines for women by Dennis Begos

Women are vulnerable to stress and tension and get affected by it the most. From excess tension to massive hormonal imbalance, women and anxiety have always had a close association. Hence, women must look after themselves carefully during the pandemic phase. For this, it is essential to follow some of the best wellness guidelines by Dennis Begos.

  • Yoga and Pilates

One of the best ways to beat stress is through any form of physical activity. Researches and health experts suggest that both yoga and Pilates are beneficial for women. It benefits the mind and the glandular system as well. Stress can affect the muscles and the glands that lead to hormonal imbalances and body aches. Yoga and Pilates help release the excess toxins from the body and bring the mind into a balanced state. Also, it helps to reduce the extra weight and maintain a toned body shape with regular practice. It also allows women to feel happy and content.

  • Eating healthy

It has become essential for everyone to clean up their diet! Women should eat healthy so that they can maintain good health and a stable mind. It is necessary to boost the immune system by counting on healthy green vegetables, essential proteins, and vitamins. Women can also rely on natural food supplements that act as immune boosters. It is necessary to consume a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Staying at home make women skip their meals which can lead to health issues. Hence, women should time their meals and eat a healthy platter.

  • Reducing news time

Everyone counts on the news to stay tuned to global affairs! However, it’s a smart decision to reduce the news time as much as possible. It helps to stay away from news updates that can increase stress hormones. It’s an excellent decision to stay updated with the headlines, but you should refrain from getting obsessed with every pandemic-related news update. It will help you to remain stress-free and go about your day with less tension.

  • Learning a creative activity

Creativity can help to curb down stress and anxiety! One of the best ways for women to curb down the pandemic stress is by getting involved in any creative activity. Today, there are various online storytelling and poetry classes and events. If you want, you can enroll for the same. You can also opt for painting, writing, singing, and dancing to stay happy and engaged.

Women are vulnerable to stress and tension than men! Hence, they must follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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