Welcome to Dennis Begos Scholarship

Dennis Begos, a renowned doctor, is committed to helping the talented minds of America achieve their educational goals. He understands that not everyone can afford the cost of higher education that will lead them down a path of success in the medical field; there are many brilliant students who suffer from financial challenges. Dennis Begos generously started this scholarship program to help underprivileged students realize their educational goals and stand out in the medical field.

Dennis Begos is empathetic and committed to providing financial assistance for underprivileged and talented students. Dennis Begos is well regarded in the medical field because of his noble ideas and great efforts to help those who cannot afford the high cost of a medical degree.

Dennis Begos understands that higher education in America is the foundation of a long, bright career full of accomplishments. This is what prompted Dennis Begos to start the Dennis Begos Scholarship Program, a fund with the goal of helping students who want to pursue medicine achieve their dreams of attending an excellent college or university. Attending a great college or university means that a student can have access to invaluable resources that will help them far beyond their years in higher education.

Dennis Begos is fully aware of the economic and emotional cost of pursuing higher education. Many students are not able to afford the six-figure four year cost of attending. He understands that in order to afford college, many bright students would need to bear the burden of working while simultaneously attending classes. Socio-economic barriers make it difficult for students who do not come from affluent families to succeed in college spaces. This is why Dennis Begos established his scholarship fund.

Dennis Begos
Dennis Begos

More about the Dennis Begos Scholarship Program

The Dennis Begos program is a one-time financial assistance grant for one talented and deserving student who writes an essay with the following topic:

“Why You Should Learn CPR, and How CPR Helps People in a Cardiac Emergency.”

Dennis Begos also understands that in many cases, the annual tuition to attend a private college or university increases yearly. At some private institutions, tuition increases by 2.4% 3.2% each year on an average.

Because the cost of higher education is always increasing, students are always on the lookout for more financial aid opportunities. This is where the Dennis Begos Scholarship comes in. The Dennis Begos program will provide $1,000 to one deserving student.

Dennis Begos Scholarship Program Requirements and Instructions

The student should attend an accredited high school or college in the United States.

The student must be a freshman, sophomore, or junior enrolled at an accredited US college or university. The student may also be a senior in high school.

Applicants must write an essay on the following topic (800 words max):

“Why You Should Learn CPR, and How CPR Helps People in a Cardiac Emergency.”

Amount: The successful and winning student will receive $1,000 reward money.

Deadline: May 1, 2021

Applications for the Dennis Begos Scholarship will be accepted untill May 1, 2021.

The final winner would receive a notification by email on May 15, 2021.

The name of the winner will be published on dennisbegosscholarship.com

Application process

The candidate must submit their application (with the essay attached as a Word document) in an email info@dennisbegosscholarship.com.

In the body of your email, please provide the following information:

First Name/Last Name

Phone Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

Expected Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD) (if applicable)

The university or college the student attends/plans to attend

Selecting the Scholarship Winner

Merit and performance are the two major eligibility factors for the scholarship. The eligible students will be assessed on the merit of their essay. The essay should be detailed and informative. The final award-winning student will receive notification of their selection status on May 15, 2021. The scholarship money will be sent to the successful candidate’s bank account after the evaluation process concludes.