How to beat the pandemic stress through wellness activities? Guidelines by Dennis Begos

Dennis Begos

Have you been feeling stressed and tense recently? If yes, you are not the only one. And this stress is not regular. Instead, you can term this as the “pandemic stress” that everyone has been undergoing across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020 has been a life-changing phenomenon for everyone. On one end, people lost their loved ones, and on the other end, people are continually dreading getting contaminated by the virus. That is not all! Dennis Begos says the economy also witnessed a sharp downswing that made many people lose their jobs and undergo salary cuts. All these have made life come to a standstill, and it is essential to remedy the same.

Wellness guidelines by Dennis Begos

The pandemic made many people start working from home. This sudden shift in the work and lifestyle made people witness great stress and anxiety. People have been leading their lives but have been under prolonged tension which takes away their purpose. Hence, Dennis Begos has come up with a few useful wellness activities that can help many.

. Schedule something you look forward to

Today, it is essential to move out of the house with discretion and ample safety protocols. Many people dread moving out of their homes. Hence, for them, life is mostly about staying indoors and doing their daily job. Therefore, it is essential to schedule any activity or task that you would look forward to. For instance, you might enroll in an online yoga class thrice a week and look forward to that. Alternatively, you might also want to watch your favorite online show after work every day. It is essential to give yourself small goals every day or every week to stay motivated and driven.

. Listen to your favorite music

Music can heal in many ways! It helps to soothe and relax the mind. Once you finish your work, you can keep some time to listen to your best music and calm your mind. According to researchers, western classical and instrumental music has the power to relax and soothe stressed nerves and make one feel rejuvenated.

. Do 30 minutes of exercise.

One of the best ways to reduce your stress levels is by getting into physical activity. You can plan to do 30 minutes of yoga, aerobics, or Pilates in your home and feel better. There are several online videos that you can count on and get started. There are online exercise classes as well that you can opt-in for. Additionally, you can even walk into a gym with adequate protection.

. Catch up with a good friend

There’s nothing enjoyable as speaking with a good friend! You can meet your friend virtually or in real-time once a week. Currently, people are moving out following all the safety protocols. You can share your thoughts with a friend and ask for necessary suggestions for your life’s problems. The time shared will make you feel loved, cared for, and counted, which will reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

These are a few of the wellness activities that you can count on to reduce pandemic stress.

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